Who we are

Group ~(of friends)

Described as service, duty or doing the right thing, scholars and linguists have long tried to accurately translate the ancient Greek word ‘philotimo’. The direct translation, ‘love of honour’ leaves a lot out. It’s perhaps best understood through the actions of the people who live it. In our restaurants it means giving our best consistently with warmth and generosity to honour the food, the place and the people.

Philotimo Group began as a partnership between Andria Neophytou and Alexis Christopher steeped in a shared Greek heritage, inheriting the concept of philotimo through our bloodlines, and a deep seated drive to share this. Our much-loved and established restaurant concepts; Olives and Plates for Mediterranean hospitality and abundance, and KōL Izakhaya for a considered and contemporary Japanese dining experience, are built on our respective decades-long careers in the food industry in South Africa. In addition, our new concept Nūr, an innovative pairing of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, joins our offering under the Philotimo Group and signifies our shared vision.

In keeping with the Greek tradition of opening our homes to friends, opening our restaurant doors in new regions is about sharing the intrinsic values, energy and affection that’s fueled our success and purpose at home. Returning time and again to our restaurants, there’s a welcoming feeling you can’t quite describe – that’s philotimo, that’s the love. We have so much more to give.

Our Co-Founders

In the two videos below, our co-founders share their experiences and insights into the restaurant industry. Through their personal journeys, they provide valuable lessons and an insights into their visions for the future of Philotimo. 

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